French Game World Tour


Discover the French Game World Tour: the new event to promote the French video game ecosystem internationally, from February 25 to 27, 2023!

Come and discover the French video game culture on an international scale! During these 3 days of live events, we will welcome industry professionals, animators, influencers, and institutions with the aim of discovering and promoting the French video game culture around the globe.

For each day, a specific theme will be proposed around which round tables, interviews, and discovery sessions of French studios will be organized, all of this framed by a Trackmania tournament, a French game known by all!

Hosted by Billiechou, come and discover the different cultural facets of French video games around the world!





Publisher: Littlefiled Studio

tags: Puzzle Platformer

Platform: PC, Android, iOS, Nintendo switch

Come and discover mysterious machines that come from the far reaches of the galaxy. Use your logic and sense of observation to understand how they work and find out the dark secrets of their origins.

Machinika Museum is a puzzle game with a thick atmosphere.


Publisher: Umeshu Lovers

Tags: Puzzle Platformer

Platform: PC, Android, iOS

Danghost is a puzzle-arcade game inspired by fighting games. You play as an exorcist who must suck up danghosts. You’ll aim to achieve the highest possible combos and use unique spells to defeat your opponents.

Playable in single player or co-op, it’s in the multiplayer mode where the game truly shines!

Papaye bang bang

Publisher: Yobiké

Tags: FPS

Platform: Meta Quest 1 et 2

Papaye Bang Bang VR is a virtual reality shooting game. Armed with slingshots, you face off against your opponents in one-on-one duels or three-on-three battles.

Track down your opponents on thirty different maps and become the most sought-after target in Papaye Bang Bang VR.

roots of tomorrow

Publisher: Gamabilis

Tags: Simulation, Sandbox, Management

Platform: PC, Android, IOS

Discover Roots of Tomorrow, a strategy and farming management game that teaches you the principles of agroecology.

Take on the role of a farmer in France, make strategic decisions and grow your farm by adopting sustainable agriculture. Choose a region in France and start your adventure.

RailGods of Hysterra

Publisher: Troglobytes Studio

Tags: base-building/survival game

Platform: Not released

RailGods of Hysterra is a Solo/Online Co-Op Lovecraftian base-building/survival game.

Ride, upgrade and control a living train whose locomotive is entangled with a weird creature. Build, Craft, Fight, Evolve.

have a nice death

Publisher: Gearbox Publishing

Tags: Platform game, Adventure game

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch

Have a Nice Death is an action roguelike game where players take on the role of Death, who is the CEO of Death Incorporated.

They must explore the procedurally generated headquarters of the organization, round up rogue employees and rehabilitate them, all while battling department bosses and minions.

the occultist

Publisher: Pentakill Studio

Tags: base-building/survival game

Platform: Not released

The Occultist is the history of Alan in the search of his lost father in GodStone: a curse island plagued of ghosts, spectres and other terrifying creatures.

Alan has to know where his father is and what happened with the people of the island.


Publisher: Lance & 3-50

Tags: Puzzle video game, Independent game

Platform: PC

Catch a wave in this smooth sound-surfing platformer: Let ethereal tunes carry you fluidly through serene abstract landscapes, tune into soothing sound spheres and revel in a meditative journey of life.


Publisher: Splashteam

Tags: Platform game, Adventure game

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch

Catch hundreds of tinykin and use their unique powers to bring Milo back to his home planet and back to normal size.

Discover this 3D puzzle-platform game made in France, immerse yourself in the story of Milo, an archaeologist and renowned researcher of the planet Aegis, who is particularly interested in the origin of his people, the humans.


Publisher: UBISOFT Nadeo

Tags: Racing game

Platform: PC

Trackmania is a fast-paced racing game developed by Ubisoft Nadeo. The game features both solo and multiplayer modes where players can compete on a variety of tracks with customizable cars.

With its easy-to-learn gameplay and vibrant visuals, Trackmania 2020 offers a thrilling and addictive racing experience.


Publisher: Hot Chili Games

Tags: Action-Adventure, Platformer 2D

Platform: Pc, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4

Every ten years, a sacrifice must be made to protect your people from the Abyss, a place as worshiped as it is feared! This time you were chosen and thrown into the darkness… Nobody has ever returned but perhaps you can achieve the impossible ?

Welcomed by Nyx, living alone with its boulders in a cave, you have survived for ten years. With his help you will try to reach a portal that could fnally let you escape the depth of the Abyss in this platformer with metroidvania style mechanics.

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